Slade MA Show 2013

Did anyone catch any of the Art College degree shows I recommended yet?

I did (no surprises there).

It was the Slade (no, nothing to do with Noddy Holder) MA show last week, and I took my video camera with me!

So if you couldn’t get to it, didn’t have the time, or were just too intimidated by the thought of way too many arty-farty types under one roof, take a quick watch of my video.

I’ve squished the whole thing into just 42 seconds.

(And don’t worry, the arty types can’t harm you through the screen!)

Slade MA Show 2013

Slade MA Show 2013

This upcoming week is chock-a-block with more degree shows, starting with the Goldsmiths BA private view tonight!

Others are ever so helpfully listed on the My Art Friend blog.

You’ve watched a video, now get there in person!

London Fine Art Degree Shows 2013

Claire Boyd - My favourite artist at The Slade BA show this year (and form Bromley - Bonus!)

Claire Boyd – My favourite artist at The Slade BA show this year (and from Bromley BTW – Bonus!)

Spring is here! (a hotly contested fact here in the UK).

Time of growth and new life! Which is a handy, if rather predictable metaphor for an annual event in the art calendar:


I love them. But why should you care?

Because they are an opportunity to spot fresh and exciting new art talent, and if you are in the market to buy there are definitely steals to be stolen!

For your convenience and viewing pleasure I’ve laid out my tips for the most interesting London degree shows coming up in June and July.

Let me know how you get on!

Date Art College Level Opening Times
6 – 12 June Slade (UCL) Postgraduate 10am – 8pm (Saturday 8 – Sunday 9 June 10am – 5pm)
14 – 17 June Goldsmiths Undergraduate 10am – 7pm (Sunday 16 June 10am – 4pm)
14 – 22 June Chelsea College of Art Undergraduate 10am – 8pm (Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June 11am – 5pm)
14 – 22 June Wimbledon School of Art Undergraduate 10am – 8pm (Saturday 16 June 11am – 5pm, closed Sunday 17 June)
15 – 22 June Camberwell College of Art Undergraduate 10am – 8pm (Saturday 16 June and Sunday 17 June 11am – 5pm)
19 – 30 June Royal Academy Schools Postgraduate 10am – 6pm
20 – 30 June Royal College of Art Postgraduate 12noon – 8pm (Friday 28 June closed)
5 – 8 July Goldsmiths Postgraduate 10am – 7pm (Sunday 7 July 10am – 4pm)


Mad men, the Amish, and art doing what it should


Brick Lane, home of art and curry.

And what a spectrum of art it is – from the mesmerising to the pants! And all within a short stretch of dirty (very dirty) London street!

Let’s start at Lik + Neon. There is so much to say about this place!

  1. This will be the place that I will always remember seeing my first ever – now what would you call him? – trendy Amish! Pudding basin haircut, wispy white beard (sans moustache – of course), jumper knitted by his mum, drainpipe jeans.
  2. A pair of sleeping cats on the cash desk (a sign of the amount of usage the till gets perhaps?)
  3. And the retina-burning colour of the shopfront (see below)


Let’s face it, this place is not really an art gallery (Sorry – I feel like I’m letting you down here). I would better place it on a par with Paperchase – Paperchase but ‘Shoreditch-ified’ – but it certainly has the right madcap gallery spirit!

They claim to sell artist editions, and they were there if you searched hard enough in-between the greeting cards, t-shirts and postcards.

In fact, I pushed the boat out myself, spending a whole £2 on a David Shrigley postcard (at the top). And as a piece of art it’s doing its job well:

“Andy – War-hol … was … mad” read my 6 year old daughter, Lois.

“Why was he mad, Daddy?”

Good question!

And that’s what art is supposed to do isn’t it?

Getting you asking questions.

See the trendy Amish man (and maybe just a splash of art) for yourself.  Visit Lik + Neon, 106 Sclater St London E1 6HR (just off Brick Lane)